Saturday, April 24, 2010

Matthew and the Trailer

Matthew is growing up!
He is starting to explore on his own.
It is only right. He does not need his nanny as much any longer.
The other day he decided to check out the male person's trailer.

I can understand why.
It's the trailer the male person uses to bring home our delicious hay.
It is covered with yummy hay dust.

If I could jump up there I would.
But my old legs won't jump like that any more.
He checked out the back.

He checked out the side.
I wonder what he saw.

Then he decided to come down.
He thought about it a bit.

And he really wasn't very graceful about it at all!

He almost fell off!

But he finally made it back down.

What a silly boy!

Tomorrow:  Sunday Movies with the Happy Goats


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