Monday, April 26, 2010

Goatucation: A Sad Lesson Today

For today's Goatucation I need to discuss something very sad.
It seems I have lost my baby.
I know. I am very sad too.
The publicist has done a bit of research on the computer and she thinks it might be because I was rammed by one of the other goats. I am not telling who - Mallory - but I am also an old goat and these things happen sometimes.

It is also possible I was never pregnant in the first place but I'm not telling.

So to goatucate you on goats and miscarriage it most often happens because the doe gets rammed by a pen mate. It can also happen if the doe eats moldy hay but the publicist never gives us that. We only get yummy fresh hay around here and besides I am a fussy goat and wouldn't eat moldy hay any way. There are a number of other diseases that can cause miscarriage too including:

Toxoplasma - this is found in cat poop
John's disease

Don't they sound scary? 
I just know I am very sad not to be having a kid this year and will be sad when Abby's kid comes. I hope you all understand.

I will leave you with a photo of me and Kevin from last year. It makes me happy to remember Kevin.  

Tomorrow:  I don't know yet. I might take the day off and give the blog to Abby.


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