Monday, April 19, 2010

Goatucation: Putting the Cart Before the Goat

It's Monday so that means I must Goatucate you.
I am going to tell you about something shocking.
Something you will not believe.

Some people put harnesses on their goats and make them pull carts!
Are you not shocked?!
The male person wants to do this to ME!
To ME!
So I wanted to Goatucate you all to this practice so you could tell me if you are as horrified as I am. I do not think I should pull a cart to haul around the publicist.

I am a SpokesGoat, not a goat with spokes.
This is what one of these.....things look like

 (photo from my favorite goat store - Hoegger's Goat Supply)

I mean really. 
They are meant for wethers, not famous goats like me.
Maybe Matthew should pull the cart.
He should do SOMETHING around this Farm.

If you want to learn more about this SHOCKING idea there is actually an American Harness Goat Association! Those goats must be being slipped something in their grain.
THAT has to be it!

I don't care what the male person thinks - I will never pull a goat cart!

Tomorrow:  The publicist and male person meet one of my cousins.


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