Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Extra AbbyDay: We Might Have New Goats This Summer

We are all very sad about Pricilla and she is taking a rest day today so I get to have an extra day on the blog. While I am happy about extra AbbyDays I am not happy about having them for this reason.

I heard the male person and the publicist talking and there is a chance that my first kid Nora might be coming back to the Farm! Isn't that exciting? Pricilla's kid Sarah would be coming back too but that isn't as exciting to me.

My Nora was a very beautiful baby. I know I have shown you her photo before but I will remind you of how cute she was.

I have not seen her since she was three months old and now she is two years old! I can only imagine what she looks like now. I really hope it comes to pass.

I enjoyed going for grazes with my little baby.

It will be nice to have my old baby here when my new baby arrives.  So keep your fingers crossed that she comes home.

Oh, and Sarah too.

Tomorrow:  Wordless Wednesday


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