Friday, April 23, 2010

AbbyDay: The Many Sides Of ME!

It's AbbyDay so that means I get to take over the blog and talk all about ME.
My favorite topic.
I am a bit upset though because the publicist has taken a lot of photos of me that are perhaps not the most flattering.
She says I have to show them to you because they will make you laugh.
Just because I am pregnant I have to show all my lumps?

Well here I am from the front. You can see I am already questioning this.

And here I am from above.
I like this view because I don't look so lumpy.

This is the worse - here I am from behind.

Here is my "mad at the publicist" face.

She just laughs at me.
Pffft again!

I will get her though. She does not know that Luke escaped and I danced the Samba with him and I am due sooner than she thinks. Ha!

Tomorrow:  Matthew goes exploring


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