Friday, April 9, 2010

AbbyDay - I Am Auditioning for a MAJOR ROLE!!!!!

I have such exciting news!
I, Abby the goat have been asked to audition for a major movie role!
That's right!
And you are reading it here first. I wanted to tell all of my loyal followers about it before it hit all of the big papers and magazines.

I have been asked to audition for the role of Anne Boleyngoat in the brand new production of the Six Goat Wives of Henrygoat the VIII!!!!

How exciting is that?!
Aren't you all very proud of me?

So before I went to the studio for my audition I decided to practice the big beheading scene. It is, of course, the most emotional scene in the whole movie. I want to make sure I am very good!

First I get myself in the mood

 Then I approach the chopping block (are you nervous?)

Then I lay my head down very carefully

Or do you think this is better angle. I think it might show my spot to better advantage.

I really work on my expressions. I want to show I am a goat who can ACT!

I practice the final words of Anne Boleyngoat "...And thus I take my leave of the world and of you all, and I heartily desire you all to pray for maaaa."

Do you see my tears? It is important to be able to cry at any time for a role. I am a trained actressgoat!!

Well, how did I do?
Do you think I will get the job?
I know I will!
I am the best goat actress there is! 

Tomorrow:  Pricilla will tell you about her new herd.


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