Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What Happened to the Pine Pile?

Today I am Investigator Goat Pricilla!
I am on the case to try and find out what happened to the big pile of pine.

If you will recall, the horses' publicist gave us a great big gift. It looked like this.

But today this is what is left. WHERE did it go?
Could we have eaten it SO quickly?

 I asked Mallory and she said, "It could not have been me. I take dainty little nibbles."

"In fact," she said "I usually just sniff at the pine pile, not eat it so go talk to Abby."

Buuuuurrrrrppppp! No, not me!

So I went off to talk to Abby.
I found her by a hay pile.
She did not look happy to be disturbed.

She said she has been eating hay, not pine and to leave her alone with her meal!

Then a rooster came and whispered in my ear.
It was...

That hurt. 
I wonder who he was going to tell me to maaaa to?
Maybe Matthew? 
Could it have been little Matthew?
Could he have eaten all that pine?
He does love to munch.

As I think about it he munches all day long!

When I asked him he just licked his lips and walked away.
I think that proves it, don't you?

I think I have solved the case of What Happened to the Pine!

So goodbye now everyone. 
There is nothing more to say.
Matthew is the culprit!


Tomorrow:  Wordless Wednesday


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