Monday, March 29, 2010

Goatucation: How Goats Eat - Browsing and Grazing

It is no secret that we goats like to eat.
We like to eat a lot.
I have used a Goatucation (or two) to tell you about the four stomachs of a goat.
Now I will tell you about browsing and grazing.
We goats do both.
We are very talented - especially when it comes to food.
Mmmmm, food.

Grazing is the eating of grasses and weeds. This is what we do most often. If you ask me there is nothing better than some tasty grass.
We go grazing all summer long

We love to go grazing down by the river.
And then of course, there is stealth grazing. 

That is hiding and eating the tastiest tidbits for yourself.

We are lucky that so many yummy grasses and weeds grow here.

Browsing is eating woody twigs and leaves.
You know how much we love to munch on our trees around here.

We don't look at our best when we are doing it but appearance isn't most important when you are going for a delicious nibble of some pine.
Mmmmm, pine.

 It takes serious balancing to browse correctly.

My studmuffin is an expert browser.
Hi Luke!

I hope you enjoyed today's Goatucation it's a nice lead in to tomorrow's post - The First Graze of Spring.


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