Saturday, March 27, 2010

AbbyDay, Part II - I Am a Big Help to the Publicist

Despite all of the terrible things that Pricilla says about me I am a big help around this Farm.
As you saw yesterday I did a very good job of inspecting the hay pile to make sure all that new hay was A-OK for the rest of the goats. I wouldn't want them to eat dirty hay or anything like that.

I knew the publicist wasn't feeling too well yesterday so I helped her as she was setting up the goat barn. That's right! I can be nice. I am a good goat!
I checked out all of the goat pens to make sure they were ready for us to go in at night.
First I checked out Pricilla's pen...

Well, you wouldn't want me to leave any grains in there would you? Pricilla wouldn't want old grain. Of course she wouldn't! I am a very considerate goat.

I also checked on her hay feeder. The publicist asked me if Pricilla needed more hay and I nodded my head noooooo!

What's this? A chicken is trying to get in the goat barn! I gave that chicken a maaaaing to!

Then I checked out my own pen.

The door is very solid.
Hmmm, I wonder what that means. I know I butt it a lot but did the male person have to build it THAT strong?

Then I checked out Mallory and Matthew's pen

It was just fine.

Their hay feeder needed some hay though and I told this to the publicist and she took care of it. She is very good that way. She always makes sure we have hay to eat.

Then on my way out to go to my goat pen I stopped to visit with my studmuffin. 
He is mine too.
I don't care what she says.
Luke loves me too!

He was very happy to see me. But he really wanted to get out of his pen and get outside so I didn't stay long.

I know the publicist appreciated all of my help.

Tomorrow:  Sunday Movies with the Happy Chickens (!)


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