Friday, March 19, 2010

AbbyDay: I Teach Ella How to Model

Oh, it's AbbyDay!
I love AbbyDay! I have been very excited about this particular AbbyDay because I get to show you that I can be a nice goat. That's right! I can share the spotlight. I can share my talents!

You will recall that we had some very special visitors.
Julia from Our Simple Life came to visit with her male person and her kids.
I had a particularly nice visit with little Ella.
I showed her how to be a supermodel!

Doesn't she look great next to my fur. Pink is a very good color with black.

I even let her pet my horns!
I don't let just anybody pet my horns.

Then I called in my supermodelgoat connections and got us a cover shoot.
Am I a special goat or what?

So there.
This proves I can share the spotlight.
But don't I look great?


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