Monday, February 1, 2010

Goatucation: My Four Stomachs, Part II

I am sure you remember last Monday's Goatucation when I started telling you about my digestive system. 
Oh, excuse me!
I left you hanging after I got through my second stomach which is often called the "hardware stomach." I am sure you are happy to know that I am going to finish telling you about my stomachs in today's post! I would not want you to be half goatucated - that would not be good at all!

The third compartment in my stomach is omasum. The fermenting stuff from the hardware stomach goes in here where the water and nutients are sucked right out along with fatty acids and then absorbed to give me my "get up and go." 
You saw my "go" in my movie debut when I ran didn't you. heh heh

Then last but not least the remaining particles are forced into the last chamber, the abomosum or "true stomach" where they are digested by stomach acids much like you humans have.

Goat kids are born with four chambers too but three of them are very tiny at birth because they don't eat much rough food. The mostly drink milk. The milk goes directly to the abomosum.

If you want to see pictures you can go here.  I don't want to ruin your breakfasts.

I hope you liked learning about my other stomachs. Have a happy Monday!


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