Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bad Farm Kitten!

I am sad to report today that I have to tell you of the bad antics of Sherpa the Farm Kitten.
Yes, it's true!
When I was in writing the blog I saw it with my own eyes.
Sherpa is a baaaaaaad kitten.
I will tell you what I saw...
The male person was very nice to the publicist for Valentine's Day - he gave her some tasty pretty flowers. I was a very good goat and I did not even take a small nibble. I knew how much these flowers meant to the publicist. She does not get flowers that often.
He also gave her a very nice card - I did not eat this either. 
I am a good goat!

But then I saw this! Just notice the look in those devilish sweet little kitten eyes. Don't you see trouble brewing?

First he tried to sniff them - or was he trying to eat them? That's what I would have done.

He seemed fascinated by the publicist's flowers. No matter how many times she yelled "bad kitty" he just kept trying to touch her flowers.

He tried from a box.

He tried from his scratching post.

He was a determined kitty!

I can report that he finally knocked them down to the floor spilling water everywhere!
The publicist was not happy.
The male person was not happy.
Sherpa had a "time out."
Bad kitty, baaaaaad kitty.
But it is tough for the publicist to stay mad at that cute little face.

Tomorrow: Wordless Wednesday.


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