Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Very First Happy Goats Video - Starring Sherpa the Farm Kitten

The publicist has brought me the news that she has figured out how to use her new video camera. It's still too cold for any of the Happy Goats to star in a movie so she did an indoor movie starring Sherpa the Farm Kitten.

It was easy to get Sherpa to star because she gave him treats. I hope I get treats when it is my turn to star in a movie. I love treats. These were special treats! The publicist did a giveaway on her blog from The Lucky Dog Treat Company and Marlene sent Sherpa some yummy treats to try.  As you will see, Sherpa really liked his treats!

The publicist will hopefully get better as she learns how to use her new camera. It is supposed to warm up this week so keep your fingers crossed!

Tomorrow: Goatucation


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