Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Sweet Taste (?) of Pine

As I mentioned before (and given how the publicist keeps messing with my schedule) we goats were given a yummy, yummy New Years treat. It is going to be Valentine's Day before I get to show you these photos!

Mallory loves pine. She went right over and gave it a good sniff. It has a lovely bouquet you know.

Matthew just dove right in and started munching. He is no fool! He knows a good snack when he sees one.

Now that I am pregnant the publicist is treating me extra specially. It's like I had room service! She brought my pine right to my goathouse so I didn't have to go out into the cold. Isn't she nice?

But then Mallory had to come and try and snitch my pine!

The publicist shooed her away and she went and got a drink of water. Silly Mallory!

Of course Abby had some pine too but she will want to tell you all about it on AbbyDay. You know she doesn't like to share the spotlight.

Oooh, rumor has it that the memory card for the video camera will be arriving on Friday. The publicist said something about the slowest shipping she has ever encountered. I don't really understand that but it will be fun to star in movies! I just hope Abby doesn't steal all the scenes.

Tomorrow: AbbyDay


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