Saturday, January 9, 2010

SpokesGoat Announcement

Well, I guess I really have two announcements. The first is that the memory card for the publicist's new video camera arrived! Isn't that exciting? But the bad news is the temperature around these parts; it was 19* last night so the publicist couldn't take any movies of us. It will have to wait until the middle of next week when it warms up.
Oh well!

But now I have exciting news about my rich soap. This is what a SpokesGoat does and I have to earn my keep around here! But first I must show my headshot so you know I am on duty

The publicist can now make tiny, little bars of my rich soap
These are perfect as favors for weddings or showers.

Aren't they cute? They weigh 1.5 ounces and she can make them in any scent that is available in my shop or she could even order a custom scent with enough lead time.  These are a special order item because they take a month to cure so you have to let the publicist know you need them a bit ahead of time.

The publicist has done several orders of these cute soaps already; one large wedding and one trade show.  She can even make custom labels at no extra charge! 

She can also make small round soaps too. 
She is just full of ......ideas.

So remember, 
Pricilla the SpokesGoat says

if you need favors for a party, wedding, shower or show
Happy Goats Soap is the place to go.

You didn't know I was a poet goat did you?

Tomorrow:  Hopefully video of Sherpa as a practice run.


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