Saturday, January 30, 2010

Luke and Mallory....Again!

My beloved Luke had a visitor to his pen this week. You know I am not very happy when this happens but I know he has to do his job on the Farm. I also know that his heart belongs to me and that is what counts!

Mallory had had her date with Luke to dance the Argentine Tango but apparently it was not a very good date and she was wailing that she wanted another chance to dance. The publicist says it's because she wasn't pregnant but I think she just wanted to spend some time with my little studmuffin. Harumph!

So Mallory went over to visit my lucky Luke and he shared his hay with her. Isn't he a generous goat?

After they had their meal and did a bit of dancing Mallory was ready to go back to the doe pen. She was danced out!

Luke didn't share his grain with her like he did with me. Ha!

Tomorrow:  Sunday Movies with the Happy Goats


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