Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Am Starting to Show!

I know that the publicist has told you all that I am pregnant. My kid(s) will be here in April. I am always excited about having a kid or two. I hope that I have a doe this time because then my kid will get to stay on the Farm. That would be nice for me because this will be the last time I have a kid. I am getting to be an old goat you know.

The publicist was making rude comments the other day that I was looking a bit plump already. I don't think I look plump! I think I look like any pregnant goat should!

I was quite annoyed that she was trying to take photos of me from my bad side so I wouldn't let her. Harumph to the publicist! She should know that no goat wants to be shot from behind when she is expecting.

I mean really!
With all I do around this Farm you would think I get a little respect!

Tomorrow: Abby stars in her first movie.


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