Monday, January 18, 2010

Goatucation: The Four Kinds of Goats

I thought you all would like to learn about the four different kind of goats. Yes, believe it or not there are other types of goats other than dairy goats like me. Of course I think that dairy goats are best but I suppose I am just a little bit prejudiced. 

Therefore, the first kind of goat is the dairy goat and you already know quite a bit about me! And, well Abby. And Mallory. We are nice goats that give milk. And like to bask in the sun.

The second kind of goat is a fiber goat. These breeds are bred for their wool. They are Angora, Cashmere, Nigora and Pygora.


That cute goat is an angora goat. Not as cute as me of course! These goats' hair can be spun into wool for knitting and crocheting.

Then there are our wild cousins, the Mountain Goats. The publicist and male person saw lots of Mountain Goats when they went to Glacier National Park.

The publicist really likes Mountain Goats! But they are not pets like me and Abby and the rest of the Happy Goats.

And lastly there are meat goats! Oh, the horror! People actually eat us! The goats usually bred for eating are Boer goats.

I hope you liked learning about the other kinds of goats out there. Just don't invite me to a barbeque....

Tomorrow: Mallory Gets Frisky


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