Friday, January 1, 2010

AbbyDay Brings in the New Year

How wonderful that I, Abby get to bring in the New Year! I am very excited that this wonderful day has fallen on my post.  First off I would like to wish all of my, erm our wonderful readers


I hope you don't think I am shouting because I am sure some of you might have been out late last night and need your coffee and quiet time this morning. Or afternoon.

I would like to look back on all of the wonderful things that happened last year and end with a big announcement.  Of course, at least to me, the biggest thing that happened was the birth of my kid Harry the CowGoat.  He was a cutie pie! Even though he is not on this Farm any longer I know he is doing well and living happily with his cousin Kevin.

Then we had Matthew, Emily and Jeffrey. They were cute too but not as cute as my Harry of course.

None of us can forget Emily's foray into the modeling world

Matthew is still here getting into all manner of mischief. He will soon move over to the buck pen to keep Luke company.

We does are doing just fine and are producing lots of rich milk for the publicist to use making soap, cheese and caramel. 

We added the chickens to the Farm this year. While they try and horn in on our treats sometimes they don't bother us all that much. 

Although Pricilla might disagree with that statement.

This New Year of 2010 should be lots of fun because.....Pricilla is going to have a kid (or two) in April!!!!! The publicist is as sure as she can be about this and Pricilla is starting to look wide. So raise a glass to the first kid of the New Year. (I may be pregnant too with Luke's escape into our pen but we won't know for a month - I will let you know for sure).

Pricilla, the publicist, the other goats and I are very happy that you like to come and read what goes on on our Farm. We hope to keep you Happy in 2010!

Tomorrow: We are not sure yet.


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