Saturday, December 12, 2009

Who Broke The Goathouse?

As Abby mentioned yesterday we have had a disaster in the goat pen! 
One of our goathouses has broken! The roof has fallen in...a goathouse without a roof is not a goathouse if you ask me. Just look...

 That is one big hole!

The publicist wanted to know who broke the goathouse. She came out to interrogate us. She asked me but of course I am an old goat and don't go hopping on goathouses any more so I just kept my head down and ate my hay.

The publicist then found Matthew and tried to ask him but he was busy drinking.

She talked to Abby but Abby just maaaed a bit and kept her head down and ate her hay.

She then tried to find Mallory. There she is - in the other goat house! But Mallory just put her head down and ate her hay.

She asked Jillian and Jillian said, "it was Maaaaaathew!"

 Matthew cried out - not me!

 But that does look like a Matthew sized hole doesn't it?

 What do YOU think?

 Tomorrow: If the weatherman is right - more snow! 


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