Thursday, December 3, 2009

So Who Won?

On Tuesday I left you hanging! Jillian and I were erm, discussing where to go next on our little outing. Just because Jillian is bigger doesn't mean she rules around this Farm. Oh, no! 

After we had our fill of yummy bark Jillian wanted to graze on the grass that could still be found peaking up in places. She called to the other goats.

And started munching.

You can see how well Abby listened; she went into the hay pile!

So did Matthew.

I wanted to go into the garden. I was determined. See my determined face?

And where did we go?
heh heh. I am still the head goat around here!

These bamboo stakes are good head scratchers.
But not so good to eat.

So now you know! I am the Top Goat! Don't let anyone else here say otherwise.

Tomorrow: Where was Mallory? Where was Luke? 

The publicist has learned that one of her necklaces is in the Etsy Voter Poll this week. She is excited and has asked me to ask you to vote for her if you can. She is losing badly.
It looks like this:

 She thanks you. And I do too. I get an extra apple treat for telling you!


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