Thursday, December 31, 2009

One of These is Not Like the Other

We have been having some challenges around the Farm these days. Let's just say that there are holes in certain fences for certain, erm goats. (Hi my studmuffin!) This can create, let's just say issues.

Here I am wondering why the publicist is taking pictures and not dealing with the issue at hand

Which is basically: one of these is not like the other!

 Can you guess which one?
That's right!

Luke the goat keeps escaping from his pen and getting into the doe pen. I appreciate that my studmuffin wants to come visit but there are times for such things and my little buck has to learn some restraint!

The publicist is about ready to lock Luke up in the barn if he doesn't stay in his pen. I have to admit I would miss his little face if that was to happen. So everybody keep your fingers crossed that Luke gets to stay in his pen.

Tomorrow: A Happy New Year AbbyDay


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