Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mallory and Luke - Oh My!

Sometimes I don't like to write the stories I write, but I have to. This is one of them. The love of my life, Luke, had a date with Mallory the goat. It's not his fault, it's his job. He is the buck on the Farm.

I know he doesn't love her like he loves me and they only danced the Argentine Tango. He saves the rhumba for me.

Mallory went over to his pen and made eyes at him. Harumph!

 She even wagged her tail! How could my poor studmuffin resist?!

The publicist let him out and he started to lead her in the dance.

 Mallory followed beautifully but what is this? An intruder?

Where did Matthew come from and why is he there?
The publicist then took Luke and Mallory into Luke's pen where they could dance without erm, company.

Luke is so affectionate....*sigh*

I don't think Mallory appreciates him. She looks bored don't you think?

MATTHEW! Get back in your pen! Baaaad goat!

 Finally Mallory had danced herself out and wanted back in her pen.

Luke doesn't love Mallory, he was only doing his job. But I am still a little bit sad. It's tough loving the only buck on the Farm.

Tomorrow: Wordless Wednesday


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