Sunday, December 20, 2009

Goatucation: Or Should I Say Chickucation

I noticed that there were lots of questions when I updated you all about the chickens on the Farm so I thought I would devote today's Goatucation to answering them - hence Chickucation. I can share. I am a kind goat. I also know I have not been very good about answering my comments but the publicist has not been feeling very well and she has been putting me to bed early so I apologize for that. 

So here goes..

Lin asked: Do you have to leave the lamp on all of the time to keep them warm? The male person keeps the heat lamp on when the temperatures are going to be below freezing. This helps to keep the chickens' water thawed and to help keep the chickens warm. It was especially helpful for them when we had that nasty cold snap when it was below zero. Brrrrr!

Daisy said:  Those are some lucky chickens! I'll bet they lay happy eggs. Well, Daisy, I don't eat eggs myself but I know the publicist likes them very much. They have very bright, yellow yolks and the chickens are VERY free range - they even go and visit the neighbors - so they do live a happy life.

Cici asked: What do your chickens in snow? Our chickens seem to stay in their chicken house when there is snow on the ground. The few that did venture out either ran into one of the goathouses or stayed underneath their chicken house. I can't say that I blame them.

Aunt Vicki asked: Do the chickens make fewer eggs in the cold weather? They did. Instead of the 8 - 10 we usually get we were only getting about 5 - 7 during the cold snap.  They are back to normal now.

Jen asked: Do the eggs freeze? Yes, they will if the publicist or the male person doesn't get to them in time. Or if the chickens lay them somewhere that's a surprise to them. They crack open when they freeze. In the really cold weather the publicist goes out and checks the laying boxes at least once an hour.

Nanny Goats in Panties said: The male person sounds like a keeper to me! This is not a question but it is very true! We goats love the male person. He does lots of nice things for us. I am very happy with him right now - he just cleaned out my goat pen in the barn. Wasn't that nice of him?

I hope you enjoyed this change in Goatucation. If you would like more Chickucation just let me know and I can do some reading up on the feather fiends, erm, friends that share my goat pen.

Tomorrow: Mallory and Luke dance the Argentine Tango!



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