Monday, December 14, 2009

Goatucation - The Buck LIVES Here

Today I am going to tell you all about the Nigerian Dwarf buck. I will try and stay professional but I will be talking about the love of my life so please forgive me if I slip a little. But I know this is Goatucation and I have to be a good goat so here goes.

As you know we have a buck here on the Farm. His name is Luke the goat. (Oh Luuuuke, how are you my little ball of fur?) 

Ah-hem. Sorry about that.  As I told you before we Nigerian Dwarf goats are of West African extraction. Now of course the main difference is that the publicist does not milk Luke. heh heh He's a boy goat. Bucks, by the standards set by the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) should be 23.5" at the withers (the withers are basically our shoulder blades to make it simple). 

Now bucks are very different from does and they have a bit of an odor about them that you humans sometimes find disagreeable. The publicist doesn't seem to mind it much which is good because she is the one who takes care of my little studmuffin, uh, I mean Luke. This odor is VERY attractive to us does though. Oh yeah! But this is a family blog and that is all I am going to say.  Luke will also call out to us, wag his tongue and stamp his hoof to let us know he is erm, interested and wants to rhumba.  You remember when I told you about flemming - here is a photo of Luke flemming. Ooooooh Luke! I love you!

Bucks CAN get aggressive and when there are more than one of them on a Farm they will often times charge at one another. Luke is something else when he gets to charging, isn't he? But Luke is a very docile buck and treats the publicist with respect.

Luke is the only goat on the Farm to have his papers. That means he is registered with the ADGA. He is also the only goat on the Farm that the publicist and male person bought so sometimes he acts like he is a little bit special. Harumph! I had my papers once but I ate them.

If you want to learn more about buck goats this is a very interesting site. It is full of lots of goaty information. I hope you liked learning a little bit more about the handsomest goat on the Farm.

Be sure to visit the publicist's blog - today is the last day for her giveaway of 5 copies of the romance book Knight of Pleasure. Luke the goat is my little knight in cow-like armor.

Tomorrow: Who knows. It's still cold and now there is snow.


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