Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cluck, Cluck

I suppose you are all wondering how the chickens of the Farm are faring with the cold and snow we have had. Well, being the nice goat that I am I will tell you.  They have their nice little chicken house that the male person built for them; he is a handy guy! To keep them nice and toasty and to keep their water thawed he put a heat lamp in there for them. Isn't he nice?

 When the publicist gives us our water in the morning she checks for eggs.  Looks like she found some!

I think that hen looks quite comfortable, don't you?

So you can see that just like us goats, the chickens of the Farm are quite well cared for no matter the weather.

Tomorrow: It's AbbyDay. Beware....

Our friend at Octoberfarm is having another wonderful Christmas giveaway! You should go over and check it out. She gives away wonderful and tasty presents.


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