Friday, December 11, 2009

AbbyDay: I Can't Believe It!

You, I suspect will be as shocked as I was.

We were not allowed out of the barn today! Can you imagine?! I (and the other goats, of course but who cares about them on AbbyDay. It's my day so it's all about ME.) had to stay in my pen. Admittedly it was a bit warmer in the barn and I didn't have to share my hay with the other goats (PIGS) but still.

The publicist said it was for our own good. Pfffftttt! I just think she was lazy. Just because it is cold outside and perhaps there was some snow and stupid Matthew did jump on one of the little goathouses and fall right through the roof so we are now one goathouse short which would mean one of us would have been out in that freezing cold. Pffffttt I say again. I am sorry for that run on sentence but I am a mad goat.

We had better go out tomorrow, that is all I have to say. I butt my barn pen door so hard tonight the publicist had to get the male person in to fix it. I showed her! Well, I almost didn't get my grain so maybe that wasn't so smart.....

I will have to show you an old photo because the wimpy publicist won't take pictures in this cold weather. Stupid publicist. I look good no matter what the temperature. Here I am munching on the pine tree.

 Stupid publicist! I don't care what she thinks. I am going to extend the sale on Pricilla's rich soap. It's 15% off to all of you great blog readers just for mentioning "blog" in the notes to seller. You could get yourself some Abby and Nora soaps. I highly recommend them. In fact the publicist has them in Lavender, Bing Cherry and Lemongrass but hasn't listed them yet (lazy woman). She doesn't have a lot of them so if you want them contact her fast.  Aren't they pretty soaps?

I hope you all have a nice weekend.

Tomorrow: A broken goathouse


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