Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Winter is Here - Ugh!

Well, it had to happen. This is Montana after all, not Arizona. 

It snowed. Not a lot but still....it is the beginning of many more snows to come. As I have said before I AM A NIGERIAN DWARF GOAT. I like it warm. This cold stuff is for the birds. Like penguins.

When we came down from the barn we all ran into our goat houses. This is what the publicist saw. You can see Jillian peaking out and where Matthew when sliding down the side of the little goathouse. Silly Matthew! And you can barely see me trying to hide from the snow. I am no dummy!

 I sat in mine just looking out at the grey weather and watching the snow fall.

Mallory sat in hers waaaaay in the back eating her hay. You wouldn't even know she was there except you can see her ears.

Matthew, still a kid, doesn't much care about the snow yet. He was out running about. He eventually came up to his nanny's house to have a bit of a munch. He has to keep eating to fuel all that energy!

Abigail went in the big goat house and was eating so quickly her head was blurry. Jillian was there too but she was busy looking outside to see what was going on.

Now Luke, sometimes he is a little odd. I love my studmuffin but he stands out in the bad weather and bellows. When the sun comes THAT is when he goes in his little goat house.  I really wonder about him sometimes.

Silly Luke. It's a good thing love is blind.
I hope we don't have more snow for a long, long time.

Tomorrow:  I am in SpokesGoat Mode


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