Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Something in the Air

I don't know what it is but there is SOMETHING in the air these days. How can I tell, you ask? Because we are all feeling a little bit frisky. Maybe it's the cooler weather. But whatever it is Jillian and Mallory were really going at each other today. The publicist let us out for a graze which was a lovely surprise.

We were over by her house munching on whatever little green sprouts we could find when all of a sudden the two of them just started butting heads and doing the goat stomp. It was some show!  

 Jillian was in especially fine form.

But Mallory wasn't going to let her be the only one showing some moves. Look at her here; her hind legs are flying!

 They battled up the ramp.

They battled down the ramp.

They sure kept Abby and Matthew entertained. (Doesn't Matthew look mature in his new goat halter?)

And when it was all over...they shared a log.

What a crazy way to spend a graze. I told them so and Jillian chased me back to our goat pen. But I showed her who was boss!

I am queen of the spools!

These goats just need to remember who is head goat around here.


Tomorrow:  The chickens strut their stuff


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