Thursday, November 19, 2009

Milking Made Easy? Not So Much!

As you all know my rich milk goes into making Happy Goat Soap. It's what makes the soap so special.  Abby's milk goes into it too but if you ask me that's not that important. And now that Jillian and Mallory have milk they are also contributing to the production of the soap. I mean it's only fair; we get a great place to live we need to give something back, right?

Jillian, though, seems to have a bit of trouble with the milking concept. She starts out OK - in fact she looks quite lovely in the milking stand, doesn't she?

But then she does this.

Makes it a bit hard for the publicist to milk her.

She stays like that for a bit and then she stands up. The publicist reaches under her to milk again and then....

Boom, down she goes.

The publicist is frustrated to say the least. It's hard to milk a sitting goat! 
Any suggestions?

Tomorrow: It's AbbyDay!


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