Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jeffrey Escapes!

Oooh, that Jeffrey! He is a little devil goat! I think he has some of his grand aunt Abby in him. After we all had our fun in the garden he decided he didn't want to go back into the goat pen so he ran off to do some exploring all on his own.

He went to visit Luke the goat!  Now I am all about visiting Luke the goat - he is a handsome hunk o'goat. But Jeffrey is just a little guy and Luke is not interested in kids.

Jeffrey and Luke gave each other a bit of a sniff...

...and then Jeffrey popped into Luke's pen for a look-see.

Luke just wasn't sure about this little goat in his pen. He rather likes having it all to himself.

After a bit Jeffrey decided he wanted to go back to the doe pen and started looking for the hole in the fence.


Before he went back though, he visited a bit with the publicist.

She can't resist a little black goat!

Doesn't he have the cutest little goat face?

I think so too.

Tomorrow: Goatucation: Making goat cheese. Chevre.


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