Monday, November 2, 2009

Goatucations: Making Goat's Milk Cheese - Chevre

It's Goatucation day. I know how much you all like to be goatucated.  Today's post is about making delicious cheese from my rich milk.  The publicist likes to make many kinds of cheeses and she tells me that my milk makes lots of tasty tasty things.  Chevre is the easiest cheese she makes.

First she measures out my rich milk and puts it in her stainless steel pot. This time she made a double batch so she used 2 1/2 gallons. 

After she warmed it up to 80*F she added in 1 cup of cultured buttermilk

and 4TBSP of a diluted rennet solution.
Then the milk mixture sits for 8 to 12 hours until it looks like thick yogurt. 
Like this....

The publicist lines her stainless steel colander with cheesecloth


and then she pours it in. Doesn't it look like the blob?

Then the male person and his able assistant help her tie it up

The male person ties much better knots than the publicist. And Sherpa is a great supervisor...


The cheese ball hangs until the dripping stops.  Since this was a double batch it took about 12 hours.

 When she opened it up it looked like this....

She cut it up and froze some for later - it freezes very well - and is saving the rest to mix with her dehydrated tomatoes or some garlic or whatever else catches her fancy.

I hope you liked learning how the publicist makes chevre.

Tomorrow: An update on Farm kitten Sherpa.


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