Thursday, November 12, 2009

Emily and Jeffrey's New Farm

Well it was a sad day on the Farm yesterday as the male person and the publicist took Emily and Jeffrey off to their new Farm.  It's a very nice Farm and they will be well loved and spoiled but it is always hard to see the kids leave.  You saw them in the back of the male person's truck in my Wordless Wednesday post.   They drove them just a short distance away and this is their new goat house. Isn't it nice?

They have a great hay feeder

Their new goat pen has some logs for munching and a platform for hopping and another little goathouse for them to use to get out of the sun.

The kids went into their new pen and started to explore.

They checked it all out

Jeffrey munched

And they both enjoyed climbing on the platform

Emily did some hopping!

I think they are going to be just fine. In fact the publicist talked with their new owners this morning and they were settling in very well. We will miss them but we know they are in a good home!

Tomorrow: It's AbbyDay!


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