Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Chickens Have Their Day

It's only fair that I talk about the chickens of the Farm every now and then. After all they are part of what goes on around here. Of course it is the Happy Goats Farm but I can be a gracious goat and share the spotlight.You see a fair bit of Blue Guy because he always muscles in on whatever is going on but you don't see much of the Rhode Island Reds.

The roosters have grown quite big and are turning out to be rather good looking birds.

Although they are ALWAYS crowing. WHAT is up with that?

Oftentimes one will take a hen for a little snack and then they will dance the lambada. 

They dance the lambada A LOT! I am thinking these chickens are a little erm, relentless.
But this is a family blog and that is all I am going to say. I know the publicist likes having the eggs to eat but she doesn't like being attacked by the roosters.

Would you like this to attack you? 

Wait a minute! THAT's not a rooster! That's Stinky the Farm cat. She wouldn't hurt the publicist....silly Stinky. She must have snuck in the goat pen. THIS is the rooster.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how the chickens of the Farm have grown.

Tomorrow:  Jillian Sits Down on the Job 


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