Tuesday, November 3, 2009

All About Farm Kitten Sherpa

As you all know we have a new Farm kitten that the publicist has named Sherpa. I thought that perhaps you all would like to know how Sherpa has settled in to life on the Farm.  Given that he used to live in a cage at the shelter in Missoula I would have to think that living here where all of us animals are very spoiled would be wonderful.

And guess what?

It is!

Sherpa is a very happy kitten! He doesn't come outside because the publicist doesn't want to lose him like she lost Farm cat Fred.  So Sherpa has lots of fun inside. He likes to climb as everyone knows; he mostly climbs the male person and the publicist. You saw him in yesterday's Goatucation supervising  the cheese making.  Here he is on the male person's shoulder. He likes it up there. I guess he likes the view....

He likes to help the male person around the trailer. He he supervised the installation of the new Dish DVR. The male person couldn't have done it without him!

He also seems to like it in the publicist's pots. I don't understand this but if she leaves her pots out in hops Sherpa!  Here he is in her 4 quart pot

I guess it was good there wasn't cat stew for dinner.   Heh heh. Just kidding!

But most of all Sherpa likes to sleep. He loves to sleep by the computer while the publicist works. I try not to butt him when I am working.

I hope you liked this update on Farm kitten Sherpa.

Tomorrow:  Log Hopping Kids


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