Friday, November 13, 2009

AbbyDay - I Will Be Nice Just to Prove I Can Be

It's Friday and that means it's AbbyDay!  Let's hear a hooray for Abbyday! Ordinarily I would write all about ME but I am going to be nice today and let Jillian have the day to write about her memories of Jeffrey and Emily the goats. I know she is sad that they have left; I know how that feels because it hasn't been that long since my Harry went to his new Farm.  So here are Jillian's picks of pictures to remember her kids.

They were so cute when they were born; so much black you would have thought they were mine!

In fact little Jeffrey looked an awful lot like my Nora!

They grew strong and soon started doing all the things that goat kids do. Like lying in the sun with their nanny.

Emily was especially advanced for a little kid. She did some fashion modeling

and she loved to fly!

Jeffrey just liked to do the goat stomp at the publicist. Silly Jeffrey!

They loved playing with their half-brother Matthew; three little goats having fun.

But now they live on their new Farm where they will grow big and strong. 
Fare well little kids. 
Fare well.

Oh well, it wouldn't be AbbyDay without ONE picture of ME....

I hope you enjoyed this special edition of AbbyDay.

Tomorrow: Pine Tree Eating Retrospective - otherwise known as the publicist took a lot of pictures she didn't get to use and now she wants to use them 'cause she hasn't had time to take more.

The publicist has asked me to remind you to enter her giveaway for 50 Custom Cards on her blog. It ends tonight so hurry on over and enter!


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