Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who's There?

The publicist looked out her window (isn't it amazing how many of my posts start out that way? I don't know what I would do if the publicist ever STOPPED looking out her window) and noticed Jillian  looking off to the West. Intently.


Then Mallory hopped up on a spool and started staring too. Hmmm...

She wondered what could be causing them to be staring so.

Then Emily and Jeffrey joined Jillian on the little goathouse.

Even a rooster was staring. Hmmmm, WHAT could it be?
Why a visitor! 
In the field next to ours!

Dusty the horse has come to pay a call.

That or to graze on the grass growing in the field.
What do you think?

Dusty is one of the horses that lives across the street. Dusty is not supposed to be over in this field. Dusty has a HUGE field for grazing across the street.

Bad Dusty!

Jillian was very surprised to see a horse right next to her goat pen!  This is the first time Jillian has been here for one of the Great Horse Escapes. Abby and I have been through them before..... 

Dusty is a very pretty horse but also a very erm, challenging horse. She has been known to sneak over AND EAT OUR HAY! 
Can you believe such a thing?! 
Her owners soon came and took Dusty back to her corral and things calmed down in our pen too.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our visitor as much as we did!

Tomorrow:  Goatucation

The publicist has asked me to tell you that her giveaway for 100 Custom Postcards is ending tonight on her blog so if you want to enter you had better hurry! Mmm, I'd bet postcards would taste good.



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