Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who is Helping Emily on the Goat House?

Our intrepid little kid Emily showed her mettle yesterday and she kept control of the top of the new goat house. Hooray for Emily! It didn't matter how many times Mallory butt her off the top Emily just kept coming back. Look at her stomp at Mallory - she is saying, "My goat house!"

She just plain wore Mallory down. But was Emily going to keep the goat house all to herself - or was she willing to share?

Of course she was! She is a good kid. After Mallory left Matthew came to see what the fuss was about. He gave things a good sniff, and a little look-see.

He then decided to see things from a higher level.

He liked it up there! And Emily was happy to have company of her same size. Plus Matthew didn't try to butt her off - he's a good cousin. He was sure to sniff and sniff and sniff to make sure everything was A-OK.

They played up there for a bit...

 ...until Mallory came calling for Matthew so he jumped down to go get a drink of milk.

And by the time they were finished Emily was quite tired so she took advantage of her passing Nanny for a little help down.

The kids are enjoying having the new goat house in their pen. Who knows what they will do next!

Tomorrow: A delayed AbbyDay...and she is not happy! 


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