Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Last Graze of Fall

Winter will soon be here and there is not much left for us to graze on. We are mostly eating hay and the treats the  publicist gives us from the male person's garden.  It's disappointing but that is the life of a goat. It's a good thing we like hay! The publicist buys us some tasty hay too. Yum!

We don't go out for many grazes in the winter because there just isn't much to eat so when the publicist let us out yesterday we knew it was probably the last one for a long time. It wasn't a really sunny day but it was still nice to run around and see the sights. The kids really had fun because they haven't had too many grazes.

We all head over to the riverbank because the view is so pretty. Isn't that what  you would do?

Then we ran down to munch on the bushes in the gulley. There were still some yummy green leaves.

Mallory ran up and found a log to nibble. Mmmmm, bark.

Jillian scratched her head on an old tree. I know from experience that this feels really, really good.

It was fun for all of us to be out.

A chicken even joined in the graze. I just can't seem to shake those hens. Harumph!

I hope you enjoyed seeing our graze as much as we enjoyed going on our graze.

Tomorrow: It's AbbyDay and she is going to have a special message for you.


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