Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jeffrey Stomps His Hooves

We already know that Emily is the Queen of the Goathouse but little Jeffrey is trying to take over. Not as queen, mind you, but as King of the Goathouse! He has learned how to jump up there and is having a grand ole time while he is up on top of things.  

Now Jeffrey is a funny little kid. He loves to be pet by the publicist but he has a little game he plays first.  He puts his head down first like he is going to butt her - as if he could really butt her. Heh heh.

Then he does the goat stomp! The goat stomp! At the publicist! Silly Jeffrey.

But I have to admit there is nothing quite so cute as a goat kid doing the goat stomp - what do you think?

And Jeffrey is a photogenic little guy, isn't he?

I think it won't be long before he gets himself up on the spools and then we will have some great kid battles.

Tomorrow:  Emily Dances


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