Monday, October 5, 2009

Goatucation - Several Questions Answered

Today's Goatucation will try and answer several questions from my loyal readers.  I thank you all for visiting my blog and for asking your questions.. First up - Lin from Duck and Wheel with String (a really fun blog) asks Do people "fix" goats? Or do you keep them separated if you don't want anymore babies?

Yes, we do fix goats here on the Farm; at least the young bucks. When a buck is fixed he is called a wether. Here on the Farm the male person takes care of this job. He bands the little goatling when he is about a week old - you can imagine where. He is uncomfortable for about an hour but then he gets back to normal. Kevin,


Jeffrey and Matthew have all been wethered and I am sure you agree that it did not inhibit their activities.

The second question comes from jaz the pumpkin lover behind Octoberfarm.  She asks 
Why do goats butt?

We goats butt for several different reasons; to get another goat out of our way, to express our displeasure and to show our dominance.  It is also a way of defending ourself if we have horns.

Both jaz and Statch from WannaBe in the Country wanted to know  if goats bite each other.

We did not have any biting problems on this Farm until Jillian and Mallory arrived. They are nibblers those two! If you will recall this post Jillian was taking a bit of a chomp out of Abby.

The kids tend to be nibblers too, if you recall.

I suspect the kids are teething. that or goat horns and the publicist taste good....

Well, I hope I answered the questions and helped to goatucate you all.  Keep asking because I love to answer.

Tomorrow: Mmmm, Broccoli


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