Thursday, October 29, 2009

Goats in the Garden

Well this is really not as bad as it sounds. The garden is very, very dead. But that doesn't matter to us goats. Oh, no! We love to munch on dead plants so when the publicist let us loose in there, boy did we have fun!

 I went right for the dried up, old brussels sprouts plants. Mmmmm.

I have to admit I was quite a piggy goat. 

But they are so good! And now I won't have any more until next year. 
Then Abby figured it out and tried to horn in on my snack. Heh heh, horn in.

Jillian went after the dried bean plants. She is no dummy. She knows tasty when she munches it.

 Now Mallory. She is an odd one. She went for

We have that in our goat pen. 
Silly Mallory.

Now Abby did much more munching in the garden but you know what tomorrow is....


So she will tell you all about her adventures in her post.


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