Friday, October 9, 2009

The Battle!

As things ended yesterday we saw that Mallory had entered into the fray.....

Emily was enjoying herself on the little goat house and it seems that Mallory was not going to let her keep it to herself. It was quite a battle given that Emily is a little goat and Mallory is a big goat.

But Emily was not going to give in easily.

Mallory butt her off several times.

In fact Mallory thought she had won, but what is this?

That's right, a little goat face at the back!

 Emily kept coming

and coming

and coming

Until Mallory finally gave up and left. 

Emily then celebrated by doing her goat dance of joy on the top of the goat house!

Hmmm, did she stay there all alone?

Tune in tomorrow to see.


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