Friday, October 16, 2009

AbbyDay - It's MY Corn

I am happy to report that AbbyDay is happening this week just when AbbyDay should be happening. So all is right with the goat world. At least on the Happy Goat Farm.  I am very pleased to report that it has gotten much warmer around these parts in the last few days. I have to admit that while I don't mind the cold as much as old, fussy Pricilla, I think it was a bit early for 4*.

The publicist, as usual, has been giving us some tasty treats from the old, tired garden. She still won't let us run around in there. I don't understand why - the chickens are in there all the time. If they can go eat everything, why can't I? Aren't I as important as a chicken?

Well, anyway....the other day the publicist brought us some yummy corn stalks. I do love me some corn stalk. The dried corn leaves are yummy too.  I enjoyed munching away on this treat as you can see.

That little Jeffrey tried to horn in my treat but I gave him a little (uh-hem) butt and he went a touch airborne and then went on his way.  Hey! They were MY corn stalks!

I know Pricilla thinks she is the only one that has any claim on Luke the goat. HA! Little does she know! I have my eye on him too. He is a cutie pie. (Don't tell Pricilla, OK?)

But this is AbbyDay which is all about ME! So I will end with a photo of.....ME!

I think it shows off my horns very nicely.

I hope you enjoyed having AbbyDay when it should be. I know I did.

Tomorrow:  Jeffrey puts his hooves down.


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