Thursday, September 17, 2009

WHO is Using the New Chicken House?

Winter is coming - did I just type that? Brrrrr! - and the male person has built a new chicken house for the chickens. This one has nesting boxes for the hens so they can start laying their eggs. The publicist was very excited yesterday when she came out to check our water and found an egg just lying on the ground! The chickens haven't figured out to lay their eggs in the nest boxes yet...but they will. This is the very first egg from the Happy Goats Farm:

 The new house is built so that the chickens have a nice roost and it has lots of ways to get light in for the chickens. It also has a nice little door with a ladder for the chickens to climb.

It also has grain. What is a goat to do but check it out?  Mallory gave it a good once over. I am not sure the chickens were happy about this.

Abby checked it out too.

Now of course you would NEVER see me doing something as undignified as eating out of a chicken house! 

 erm, burp. 

What can I say, grain is good! The publicist keeps yelling at us to stop eating the chicken's grain. We aren't THAT greedy....

I think it is going to be very interesting when the kids discover the ladder and start climbing it. Hahahahahaha!

Tomorrow: It's AbbyDay so you never know what is going to happen.


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