Sunday, September 6, 2009

More Corn!

As you saw yesterday we goats were getting corny. Heh heh. I am a very punny goat. Heh heh again. Maybe I have been eating too many half-fermented apples. There were so many funny pictures I couldn't get them all in one blog post. I promised you the big bucks ( Oh, Luuuuuke - you big hunk of gorgeous goat, that means you) and I promised you chickens. Yes chickens! The chickens were trying to steal the corn husks away from us goats. Can you imagine such a thing? Harumph!

The big boys have been fighting a little bit lately so the publicist gave them their corn husks seperately. My hunk of corn husk eating love had his up on the top of the spool - I could stare at that boy all day long.

Michael had his on the ground.

Both boys really enjoyed their treat. I don't blame them. Corn husks are yummy!

But I am sure you really want to know about the chickens. We goats were happily eating our husks when a contingent of chickens came into the fray.

 They actually tried to walk off with our husks! Harumph! 

 Look at Blue Guy - he must think he is a goat, taking our husks.

It's not like we goats EVER try to take the chicken's food. We NEVER go in their chicken tractor, do we? (erm)

I hope you enjoyed these further photos of our goat gluttony. 

Here is some exciting news: my good friends over at The Daily Cute have teamed together with me and we are doing a giveaway! That is right - if you go visit this very cute blog you can enter to win THREE BARS of my rich soap. How cool is that? So why not head over there and check it out? What do you have to lose? If you ask me, nothing and you might gain a chuckle.

Tomorrow: Goatucation - The Daily Cute asks, " How long are goats pregnant for? When can we expect the next kid?!" 


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