Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life Returns to Normal

We are settling back to normal here on the Farm. We still miss the kids but life goes on, right? The publicist has been very nice to us as she knows we are sad; I think she is sad too. But that is enough of the sad! We are Happy Goats and happy we will be!

One of the publicist's friends, our Aunt Diane (she sells Avon if anyone needs any) sent us a present! We love presents! Especially edible ones. Aunt Diane has a garden like the male person. She grows some different things - like cabbage! She sent us her cabbage plants - after she had picked her cabbages of course. Mmmm, we love cabbage leaves. She is also going to send us her corn stalks. Yummy! More treats to come.

We all shared in the delicious treat. The big boys got theirs first. Of course they had to have seperate piles. (Not that we does are any different.)

Hi Luke! Go ahead cutie pie, eat your cabbage!

I try and stay away from all of the confusion. I mean look at this craziness....

Wait a minute! That isn't a goat by the water bucket! What is Fred the Farm cat doing? Could he be thirsty? Silly Fred!

Why does Blue Guy have to try and take my snack?

He is a hungry rooster!

Jillian is eating big right now and who could blame her! She is going to have her kid any day now.

Abby, of course, ate hers on the top spool!

I hope you are all enjoying these snacks of ours as much as we are. Thanks Aunt Diane!

Tomorrow:  AbbyDay; Abby reminisces about little Harry.


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