Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lies, Lies, It's All Lies

There are all these lies and rumors being spread and I feel I must put a stop to them. There is talk of "carrot top eating orgies" going on at the Farm. I cannot believe this! We are dignified goats. We do not have eating orgies! I especially do not stuff my mouth so full I can barely chew.

I don't know where these stories get started. I just don't. You would never see ME doing anything like that. I eat my carrot tops quite gentilely.

I would NEVER fight another goat for a carrot top. There are plenty to go around. 

I'll bet it was Abby who started these rumours. It would be like her. I mean she eats like it is her last meal. She butts everyone out of the way and takes the top spool over.

Not like me. I stay on the ground and eat like a lady.


Remember to go for a WHRRL with the publicist and click " I like it" if you do so she can hopefully win a vacation. While I don't know why she wants to leave us she seems to need one. The link is off to the right - you will see a photo of me in my milking stand. The publicist thanks you.

Tomorrow: What exactly IS little Harry up to?


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