Thursday, September 24, 2009

Let Us Graze

It was time for the kids to go out on their first graze. This is always very exciting for both the kids and for the adult goats too. It is fun to watch the kids as they explore the big, wide world of the Farm. Now of course they are little and get tired easily so they didn't travel too far on their first day out of the pen. Jeffrey and Emily are two weeks old and Matthew is barely one week old.  They were excited and started out in a little goat tornado. It was hard to tell who was who!

They did eventually get tired of sniffing each other and got down to the business of learning to eat grass and tasty weeds.  Jillian showed Emily some yummy weeds over by the pile of old sheet rock.

Jeffrey seemed to find a nice, crisp weed all on his own. Good boy!

He seems pretty advanced, actually. He showed signs of stealth grazing already!

But all of this grazing is hard work and Jeffrey got plum tuckered out!

Emily had a great time on her first graze. She explored the junk wood pile with Matthew. It is so nice that all of the kids are getting along.

Matthew also enjoyed his day out. Mallory showed him some love as a good nanny should.

He did get a little confused as to what he should be eating, though.

The publicist is NOT a goat snack!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the little ones out for their graze. I am sure there will be lots more adventures with these three kids. They are keeping the publicist hopping, that's for sure!

Tomorrow: It's AbbyDay so you know that crazy things could happen.


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