Monday, September 14, 2009

The Kids First Day Out

Goatucation is postponed today because I am sure that you all just want to see more photos of Emily and Jeffrey. Goatucation will return next Monday.

Jillian finally brought the two babies out of the goat house for a walk in the sun. Of course their little legs are still a bit wobbly but they had fun.

I had to go over and check them out, of course. I love the smell of new kid. And of course I still miss my Kevin.

 Jillian is a very watchfull nanny. She doesn't let them wander very far from her yet. That will come in time. I tried to lick the babies but Jillian didn't like that too much.

Doesn't little Emily look like an Oreo cookie?


 It is definitely good to have kids on the Farm again. Everyone is happier and there are lots more smiles.  And I am sure you want to know who won the guessing contest!  There were four people who guessed correctly so I put their names in the grain bucket and picked one out. It was hard for me not to eat the paper, but I was good! The winner is:

Anne!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!

But we also have a special prize for AB Home Interiors for guessing that there would be two black and white goats! For indeed there were!

The publicist will be getting in touch with both winners so she can mail you your samples of my rich soap.  Thanks to everyone for playing.

Tomorrow - More kids, what else?!


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